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Welcome to our shop page which features:

  • A selection of gift vouchers
  • Downloadable online courses
  • A selection of personal work completed by Sharon Brookes and available to purchase online

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased in amounts ranging from £40-£605 designed to be applicable for our product range. However, please note that all gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of our products and not just for those stated on the voucher.

By opening an account on our website, you can add and accumulate vouchers over a period of time in order to spread the cost of larger purchases. For more details, please visit the My Account page.

Artwork to purchase online

  • Original, framed, limited addition etching prints available from just £120 (excluding postage).
  • Original, framed watercolour paintings available from just £120 (excluding postage)
  • Framed digital photographs available from just £60 (excluding postage)

This collection is constantly being updated, so please do check back regularly to discover more artwork available to purchase. If you have any questions regarding the work, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon to express an interest and find out more at