We offer a range of creative courses and retreats in: art, crafting, creative well-being, drawing and photography.

Our weekend courses offer expert guidance and a comprehensive programme of activity in order to develop your enjoyment, knowledge and experience in a particular artform. There are options to choose a Saturday experience too. They do not include evening activities leaving you free to enjoy your own self-guided activities.

Our long weekend retreats offer a more fully immersive and social experience. In addition to offering a full creative programme of activity, you will also have the opportunity to partake in relaxing social activities including BBQs and wine tasting experiences. Our retreats also include luxury hotel accommodation.

All of our creative packages are expertly led and thoughtfully planned in order to offer you the best possible experience.

lion watercolour - animal painting retreat

Art Courses and Retreats

Would you like to improve your art skills by attending a fun and informative art course or retreat that is led by a trained and experienced art teacher?

All of the drawing, painting and printmaking options are suitable for all ability levels; whether you are an absolute beginner wishing to learn the fundamentals, or a more experienced artist wishing to develop your skills.

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Creative Well-being Programmes

Are you in need of an activity which allows you to relax, be mindful and creative?

We offer a range of options designed to promote your creativity and well-being including: an introduction to creative mindfulness, mindful drawing and nature journalling.

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mindful drawing course
Globe portrait, portrait photography retreat

Photography Courses and Retreats

Our photography programmes are designed to develop your knowledge and skills in a range of photography genres by undertaking fun and informative practical activities.

We offer creative portraiture plus still life and landscape options.

They are aimed at all ability levels and are offered with expert tuition from experienced tutors.

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