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Backbury House Retreats was established in 2022 and was the brain child of the proprietor Sharon Brookes.

Her dream was to open an art school which created an environment where creativity and well-being could flourish and benefit all.

Sharon has worked tirelessly in order to fulfil that dream and has developed a thriving business offering popular creative programmes where individuals of all abilities can gain in confidence, develop their well-being and build competence in a range of artistic and creative mediums.

Expert guidance

Sharon’s background is in Art education. She holds fully qualified teacher status gained from Cambridge University in 1996. Since then, she has developed nearly 30 years of experience teaching art within a range of educational settings. She has led several art departments as well as held roles as a teacher-trainer and still currently operates as an examination board Assessment Associate.

She has a long-held passion for art and gained a BA (Hons) in 1993 from The University of East London. Completing an art degree in London afforded Sharon the opportunity to regularly visit and learn from such prestigious collections as those housed within The National Gallery, The Tate and The V&A.

Throughout her career, Sharon has been a practising artist. A selection of her current work is available to view and purchase from our online Shop.

Backbury House Retreats

A retreat for the mind and spirit

Backbury House Retreats offers a secluded location for guests to enjoy, relax, unwind and feed their spirit and creativity.

It is located amongst paradisal countryside and offers six acres of private land including woodlands, orchards, a working vineyard and grazing paddocks.

In the centre of this tranquil setting is nestled Backbury House Studio; it is truly an artist’s paradise.

We offer an inclusive environment where your needs are paramount. If you would like to discuss any access arrangements, please contact us prior to booking.

Eco Friendly

We are constantly striving to reduce the toxic load on our immediate environment and on the planet. Our retreat offers solar power, a bore hole for water supply, a waste disposal system and a thriving kitchen garden where we grow our fruit and vegetables. We harvest rainwater for all of our watering requirements.

Our retreat supports and actively encourages wildlife. The woodlands, wildlife ponds and insect attracting flower borders are particular active and a marvel to see.

Eco Friendly retreat

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Backbury House Retreats

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