Downloadable Online Course in Mindful Drawing


A fully downloadable course in mindful drawing complete with expert tutorials and support materials in order to develop your practice. Suitable for novice/intermediate practitioners.


This downloadable online course in mindful drawing offers video tutorials and support materials so that you can complete the bespoke creative programme from the comfort of your own home.

This course offers you the opportunity to practice and enjoy a full range of mindful drawing techniques designed to promote improved wellbeing. You will also develop your creativity and drawing ability.


During the online course, you will be expertly guided through a range of practical activities in mindful drawing. The course has been structured in four-week blocks. However, you are able to progress through the course at a pace that suits you.

In order to cover a range of different approaches to mindful drawing, there are different mindful drawing themes to complete. To support each drawing task, there are downloadable templates. We also include daily practical exercises for you to download and enjoy.

You do not need to have extensive art materials in order to complete the course. Simply a pencil, a pen, coloured pencils and paper would be sufficient. However, if you have more, then feel free to use them!

In summary, the online course offers:

  • Downloadable video tutorials provided by a fully qualified art teacher with nearly 30 years’ teaching experience.
  • Daily drawing tasks carefully designed to develop your mindful drawing practice.
  • Downloadable resources in order to support your skills development.

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If you would prefer an in-person course, we also offer weekend courses. Please visit:


Please note. Once you have purchased a ticket for the online course, you will receive an email which will include full details on how to access and download all course materials from our website.