I have always loved seeing the excitement that develops in a person who is learning a skill or technique and is beginning to grasp it. The excitement of learning about something new can be evident in all sorts of ways from the subtle smiles or occasional vocal outbursts, to the more obvious animated body language. These are all of the signs that I find rewarding to witness as an art teacher.

It wasn’t until the recent pandemic forced us all to withdraw from attending events in person that I realised that, with a bit of head scratching and planning, I could offer worthwhile experiences online; experiences that will still enable people to enjoy the excitement of learning and interacting, but from the comfort of their own home.

Providing online events has other benefits, including reaching a potentially wider audience who can bring to the table different cultural experiences which can enrich and expand the learning programme. There is never just one way of doing things in art and to have diverse audiences really helps to widen and broaden the scope of learning.

I am very much looking forward to “virtually” meeting the new audiences who will be able to attend the online retreats which we will be delivering by live feed from our Backbury Studio in Herefordshire UK.

For further details, please visit our online retreat page at Backbury House Retreats. https://bhretreats.co.uk/online-retreats/

I hope to see you soon!



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