Join us at our vineyard to learn how our wine is produced from grape to bottle. You can develop your ability to appreciate and enjoy the characteristics of the wines.

Vineyard at Backbury House retreats
Wine Appreciation at Backbury House Vineyard

We offer vineyard tours and a wine appreciation tasting

Book a tour and tasting with us and we will personally show you around our modest vineyard and explain how we care for and develop our grapes in order to produce high quality wines.

After you have had the opportunity to learn more about viticulture, we will return to Backbury House to enjoy tasting the wines that we produce.

The tasting will involve guidance on how to taste and detect the different characteristics of our wines.

Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting £60pp for 2 hours.

To check availability and book our Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting, please click below: